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Healing Begins Here.
At Foundational Concepts, we are breaking new ground in specialty physical therapy. Don’t wait any longer to discover how we can help to heal your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.


Lee Anne Pilates offers sessions in her state-of-the-art Pilates Studio located at Foundational Concepts.

Lee Anne’s teaching style is based on activating and strengthening the deep muscles that protect the spine. She focuses on alignment and efficient muscle sequencing to encourage lengthening and strengthening throughout the body.

Join Lee Anne for a private or group equipment session today!  Contact her directly at

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We understand the unique challenges of postpartum women. That is why we provide a FREE screening for all new mothers. 

Our mission is to treat pelvic floor dysfunction by addressing the whole person – as well as to share our therapists’ knowledge and expertise with the community and other healthcare providers – so that more people find answers to their pelvic dysfunction.

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