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Female Sexual Function Index

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    These questions ask about your sexual feelings and responses during the past 4 weeks. Please answer the following questions as honestly and clearly as possible. Your responses will be kept completely confidential. In answering these questions the following definitions apply: >SEXUAL ACTIVITY can include caressing, foreplay, masturbation and vaginal intercourse. >SEXUAL INTERCOURSE is defined as penile penetration (entry) of the vagina. >SEXUAL STIMULATION includes situations like foreplay with a partner, self-stimulation (masturbation), or sexual fantasy. >SEXUAL DESIRE or INTEREST is a feeling that includes wanting to have a sexual experience, feeling receptive to a partner's sexual initiation, and thinking or fantasizing about having sex. >SEXUAL AROUSAL is a feeling that includes both physical and mental aspects of sexual excitement. It may include feelings of warmth or tingling in the genitals, lubrication (wetness), or muscle contractions.
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