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My initial visit to Jenn was to treat multiple annoyances that I felt I could live with. I had residual pelvic instability/muscle imbalances from a near fatal car accident, a couple bad falls, and multiple child births. Nobody’s perfect, right? After one visit, I was pleasantly surprised to find a balanced pelvis and less incontinence. Not to mention efficient movement when I biked and hiked with my family. I followed up with Sarah a couple weeks later and left with tools and exercises that improved my own self-awareness so I could hold the changes. These ladies are miracle workers who treat the whole body. Jenn and Sarah care about the well-being of each and every client too. I truly appreciate the education that I took from each visit. I highly recommend to anyone who accepts the body’s annoying signals as just another thing they can live with, to make the time to see these wonderful physical therapists.

– Lee Anne Jester, PMA-certified pilates instructor
Kansas City

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