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Healing After Baby

“Having my first child was an amazing experience. I was a healthy woman who was fortunate to have a complication-free pregnancy and natural birth. With all those blessings, I have to say I was surprised when months later (after my body started to really heal) some issues came up that I didn’t even know existed! I started to struggle with a separation in my abdomen and a weak pelvic floor. After trying various programs and therapies I found online, I was no closer to healing and felt like my body would never be the same.

“However, within five minutes of my first visit with Sarah, she assured me that everything I was experiencing was: A. totally normal, B. could be healed, and C. that my body could perform just as it did pre pregnancy. To say that a weight was lifted is an understatement!

“Sarah is as knowledgeable and professional as she is caring and personable. She always made me feel comfortable during appointments and empowered me to take charge of my healing process. If you are willing to do the work and follow her therapy, you will see amazing changes. Don’t waste your time or money on anything other than a true healing therapist like Sarah.”

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