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I started physical therapy with Jenn after a bad foreign body reaction to a urethral sling. The sling was fully removed eight weeks after it was implanted. There was extensive scarring and adhesions along the urethral tubes and vaginal walls. I was experiencing horrible vaginal/urethral pain and urinary retention. I could not work or perform normal daily activities due to the debilitating pain. After twice weekly visits with Jenn for a couple of months, the pain was down to a manageable level and the urinary retention was reduced to intermittent episodes. Prior to this, I had constant retention and pain. It has taken several months of hard work, but with Jenn’s help I am now pain-free most days and the retention rarely occurs. I am very grateful to Jenn for her help and feel that I would still be suffering every day if I had not gone to her for physical therapy. She helped me get my life back and I can’t thank her enough.

–Rhonda M., Overland Park, KS

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