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Relief After a Single Visit

“After undergoing a Cesarean section I expected my body to change, but I was not prepared for the extent of problems I would encounter. Previously healthy and active, I suddenly had constant back pain, right hip pain, a feeling of being unbalanced, and intercourse with my husband was unbearable.  I work as an Occupational Therapist requiring lifting patients. I felt I was not only harming myself but putting my patients at risk.  I sought help from outpatient physical therapy, chiropractic, late night Google sessions, and endless exercise programs.  I improved some, but not enough.  I remained dysfunctional.  It was after a single visit with Sarah that I began to feel relief.  She devoted time listening to me, assessed my body, provided extensive education, and showed me a solution.  The Cesarean section left my pelvic floor muscles tight and in constant contraction.  Sarah taught me how to relax them.  She guided me in how to retrain my body to work synergistically.  Sarah even followed up with me after treatments to ensure I was making progress.  She gave me back hope.  Now I can work out, feel confident lifting my patients, enjoy intimacy with my husband, and I am pain free.”

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