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Passion for Our Patients & Our Work

Passion for Our Patients & Our Work

Today I’d like to share with our fabulous followers how truly PASSIONATE we are about our patients.  Yesterday at work, I sat back in my desk chair admiring the teamwork, the thirst for knowledge, the dedication and the willingness to help one another exemplified by my fellow therapists. It’s truly unique.

Students will often tell me that at other physical therapy clinics or hospitals the atmosphere is not conducive to learning, that therapists don’t share their knowledge or collaborate with one another.  Well, that could not be further from the truth at Foundational Concepts. Sometimes at work, the last hour of the day can be a little stressful with people busily trying to finish things up and rush out the door. However, when I was finishing up my documentation yesterday, I was so pleased with what I witnessed.

Passion Drives Us to Share

We spent our last hour collaborating, brainstorming, and bouncing ideas off one another regarding challenging patient scenarios. We all agreed that it’s so fun to learn from one another, to share a new treatment technique learned at a conference, and to gather around a recent research article and discuss the outcomes. It’s eye-opening to ask those who have more years of experience what has worked best when treating a certain type of condition, and to ask those who are fresh out of school what the latest innovative techniques are.  We all have so much knowledge to share with each other. Because we do share that knowledge, it makes Foundational Concepts an even better place to come for your healthcare needs.

Passion Drives Us to Care

We are so passionate about providing the best care to our patients. Unfortunately in today’s fast-paced society, I think that attribute has been lost amongst many healthcare providers.  Our staff has such a thirst for knowledge, loves to learn new and more effective treatment techniques, wants to understand complex diagnoses better, and strives to develop more efficient plans of care.  It’s so beautiful to see that we haven’t lost our passion.  It keeps growing and growing.

Thank you Kristin Anderson, Nicole DeBrie and Sam Craeger for our lively discussions in the office yesterday afternoon.  We each learned something new, and our patients will reap the benefits of that. I know I was born to be a Physical Therapist.  Helping my patients improve their quality of life truly fuels my existence.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  —Mark Twain

Shannon DeSalvo, PT

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