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Male Pelvic Pain

Yes, men have a pelvic floor, too! Oftentimes, when a man has pelvic pain he will report pain between his testicles and his anus. This sensation may intensify with sitting, intercourse, urination or a bowel movement. The individual may notice that he is urinating more frequently, having increased “urgency” or even an inability to fully empty his bladder. If that sounds like your symptoms, you could be suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Treating Male Pelvic Pain

A physician will usually evaluate the symptoms of male pelvic pain with a rectal exam. If the exam is painful, the physician may conclude that there is inflammation of the prostate. However, many times the prostate is not actually inflamed and it is merely spasms within the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor physical therapists at Foundational Concepts can then outline a treatment plan that effectively treats male pelvic pain.

Treating the Whole Person

If you are suffering from symptoms that have been diagnosed as urinary retention, urinary incontinence and/or chronic prostatitis, pelvic floor physical therapy for male pelvic pain can help. We can diagnose the source of your pain and treat it at its root cause – not just the symptoms.

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