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The mind body connection has been recognized in the medical and mental health fields for years. Each year more empirical evidence is discovered to support the relationship between physical and psychological symptoms and diagnoses.

Within this developing research, mental health interventions have shown to be beneficial in improving medical and physical outcomes. Psychological interventions can compliment and improve physical treatment options.

Kimberly Wallace-Young, PhD has been complimenting our physical therapy care for many years. She practices at our Brookside office and sees clients in person and virtually. Kimberly works closely with our physical therapists to address psychological issues that hinder improvement of physical symptoms. Chronic pain can significantly  affect a person physically and psychologically, and research has shown a strong indication that psychological interventions aid in decreasing chronic pain.

Kimberly has nearly 20 years of experience has a broad range of concerns that can be addressed. Here are just a few examples: Postpartum anxiety and depression, Conflict within partnerships, Recovery following infidelity, Adjustment following medical trauma and diagnosis, Infertility sadness and frustration, Reproductive loss, Grief, Generalized anxiety. These can sometimes trigger the body to move into a sympathetic nervous system response.

Kimberly also provides education and guidance about mindfulness, grounding, internal psychological resources, and breathing exercises. In addition, psychoeducation about the nervous system and the mind body connection from a psychological perspective is provided.


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