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We understand the challenges of specializing in pelvic floor and see the frustration and burn out in our profession. We are looking for passionate individuals, no pelvic floor experience is required, just a thirst for learning and growth in our field.
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We’re proud to offer events in the Kansas City area and free educational webinars on varied women’s, men’s, and pelvic health topics. For more details and sign up information for upcoming events, please visit:

Are you interested in having a pelvic floor physical therapist specialist speak for your organization? Would you like more information on a different topic? Please contact us at

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Don’t fret!  We have recorded our talks and you can still learn from our specialists! Click the link to view.

Labor Prep with a Pelvic PT

Join Dr. Julia Foster for a 45 minute guide on how to prepare your mind, body and pelvic floor for labor and delivery.  Based on biomechanical principals from a pelvic health physical therapist, she will introduce the pelvic floor muscles, breathing techniques, positioning for labor and partner and pain management strategies.

Gut Feelings: Bowel Health with a Pelvic PT

Join Dr. Julia Foster PT DPT WCS for a 30 min webinar on pelvic and gut health. Whether you are struggling with constipation, fecal incontinence, smearing, abdominal or gas pain, straining with bowel movements, or simply just curious – this discussion is for you! Included will be an introduction to anatomy and the pelvic floor muscles, toileting techniques, positioning for bowel movements, importance of diet, water, and fiber, and diarrhea/constipation management strategies.

Mastering Menopause: Pelvic Health  

Mastering Menopause: Bone Health

Join Drs. Marla Jacquinot and Julia Foster, DPT as they discuss menopause and how it impacts our pelvic health and bone health.  Understand estrogen’s role in women’s health and ways to make small changes to manage the changes that menopause brings.

The Ins and Outs of Prolapse

Join Dr. Mackenzie Taylor PT DPT and Dr. Julia Foster PT DPT WCS for a 45 min webinar to answer your concerns about pelvic prolapse. They will cover the anatomy of the pelvic floor, different types of pelvic organ prolapse, myths that should be broken, how pelvic PT can help, your options for treatment, and more.

Foundational Concepts is Growing!

Foundational Concepts is expanding: on November 1, 2022 we will open our third clinic! There have been many physicians, providers and patients asking for a clinic in the northland and…

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