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Is Pelvic Floor PT Right For Me?

Is Pelvic Floor PT right for me?

How do you know if you need a pelvic floor physical therapist? The answers to this will be different for every person. Let's start by asking, what are you experiencing?…

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C-section Recovery

C-section recovery

After Cesarean section delivery of a baby, most women are told that they can return to exercise and most activities after 6 weeks.  Is there something magical about the 6-week…

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

We have all heard “Eating for two!” while we are expecting.  This is not a good way to approach our diet during pregnancy, as you can probably guess.  As you…

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Breastfeeding And Nutrition 101

Breastfeeding and Nutrition 101

Nutrition plays such an important role in our pregnancies and post-partum periods.  Breastfeeding requires time and energy for new moms on top of our bodies healing after pregnancy and delivery. …

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Constipation Slowing You Down?

Constipation slowing you down?

If you struggle with constipation, you are not alone! Let's talk about some natural options for improving constipation and getting the digestive juices flowing! First, you want to make sure…

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What Is Pelvic Dysfunction?

What is Pelvic Dysfunction?

There is more and more buzz on social media regarding the pelvic floor, which is really wonderful.  But let's break down what it means to have pelvic dysfunction and why…

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Exercise In Menopause

Exercise in Menopause

During perimenopause and through menopause, estrogen levels begin to go down. Once you have not had a period for a full year, you are officially menopausal. It is pertinent to…

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Nutrition In The Perimenopause Stage

Nutrition in the perimenopause stage

As women, our bodies go through many changes during perimenopause.  Many women experience weight gain and decreased energy that affects their quality of life.  Looking at how our bodies respond…

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Hormones And Your Cycle 101

Hormones and your cycle 101

Women often struggle with conditions that are related to our hormones, but we are really not educated about these hormones and what we can do to foster a healthy hormonal…

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