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Pelvic Floor Muscle Over-activity what it means, and what to do about it.

Let's break down what Pelvic Floor Muscle over activity might look like. This can be a confusing issue and depending on what type of doctor you see, the answer might be different. If you have pelvic floor muscle over activity,…

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Abdominal Massage for gut motility

This self-treatment circular massage technique can be performed at home. It can reduce and eliminate gas, easing constipation. The massage follows the naturally contracting waves of the colon, starting from inside the right pelvis, moving up towards the ribs, across…

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More ways to manage constipation

Cultured foods are foods that are full of life-giving probiotics (bacteria) and nutrients that help our bodies function optimally. A few of the beneficial effects are described below. Healthy bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check, protecting us from sickness…

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