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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can sound a bit scary and overwhelming.  Particularly if you aren’t really familiar with the pelvic floor!  Let’s clear this up a bit and give you some tips for planning your visit to us, so that you feel comfortable and confident in coming in to see us.  

The Pelvic Floor…

is a group of muscles in the base of the pelvis that are responsible for almost all the things we do as humans.  It provides stability to our trunk, it allows us to go pee and poop normally, it has a sexual function, it supports our pelvic organs and works to keep our blood flow through the pelvis.  When these muscles get dysfunctional we can see many symptoms arise.  Pain, urinary issues, bowel issues, sexual dysfunction, limitations to activities and work, and more.

Schedule a free consulation!

We offer a free, 15 minute phone consultation with one of our specialists in pelvic health so that you can be certain we are the place for you!  Get initial questions answered and feel confident you are coming to the right place! Click here to contact us to set this up!

What to expect

  • One on one, hour long appointments with your provider.  We have maintained high standards of care for our clients.  We spend a full hour, one on one so that we can focus on you, individually and provide a plan of care that is tailored to YOU.  We know that pelvic issues are complex, and we understand that they need a whole person, individualized approach.
  • At your first visit, we will discuss your medical, social and sexual history, nutrition status, stress, physical activity, sleep, environment and work/home life.  We will get a baseline of your physicality, functional strength, nervous system, muscle coordination, alignment  and flexibility.  This will allow us to customize a plan of care to fit you!  We will incorporate lifestyle factors that are important to address for healing and help you sort through ways to make changes for better.  
  • A Pelvic Exam can be expected.  Dont stop reading!!! Our specialists have tons of experience and  training to fully assess the pelvic floor.  We work to make you comfortable throughout the entire process.  We examine the pelvic floor through a vaginal exam or rectal exam.  For women, a vaginal exam consists of a visual inspection of the external tissues, and a digital palpation internally to assess muscles.  We do not use a speculum or stirrups for the the exam.  For men, and for certain conditions, we perform a rectal exam to assess these muscles.  This allows us to see how well your muscles rest, how well they contract and how well they lengthen.  And, once we know what is going on with your pelvic floor, it allows us to cater your home program specifically to you.

Frequently asked questions:

I am on my period, should I keep my appointment?  — YES!  keeping your scheduled appointments keeps your progress moving forward, and we are pros at working around periods!

What should I wear to appointments?  — Something confortable that you can move and stretch in, think yoga class or gym clothes.

Will I be out in the open like most physcial therapy clinics?  — No, you are seen in a private treatment room with your therapist. 

Will I see a different therapist each time?  — absolutely not!  We will not shuffle you around our staff, we believe the best outcomes are seen when you work one on one with the same provider for your care.

Will I be discharged before my goals are met?  — We hear this a lot, that patients are told their visits are up, regardless of how they feel.  We will work with you as long as it takes to help you heal. Some conditions take just a few visits, and some are a journey toward health, taking months or years. We will be with you along the way, to help you reach your well ness goals.  

Do you make referrals to other providers?  — Yes!  We have worked in this field for a very long time, and work with many good physicians, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, social workers, sex therapists and healers who are familiar with pelvic floor issues.  We often find a team approach is best for many issues in the pelvis!

Will my insurance cover this?  — It is hard to say. Many plans do cover it well, and many do not.  We will provide you with what you need to give your insurance for reimbursement.  Every plan is different.  You can click here for more information regarding insurance.

My doctor referred me to pelvic floor physical therapy, but I still have questions!  — We want you to feel confident you are in the right place!  Set up a free, 15 minute phone consultation with one of our specialists in pelvic health!  Click Here


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