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Join Julia Foster, DPT
Virtually for a labor prep class — FREE!!

If you are curious about the pelvic floor and what it entails, and have heard about labor and delivery and feel overwhelmed by all the different info, stop here. Julia will dispel any myths and educate you about how to push, different positions to protect the pelvic floor and how to exercise leading up to delivery for optimal experiences.

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Complimentary Consultations

Foundational Concepts offers FREE 15 minute phone consultations.  If you or someone you know are interested in pelvic floor physical therapy but have questions you would like answered prior to scheduling, let us know!  Our friendly staff can schedule a 15 minute consult with one of our physical therapists. They will answer any questions, address concerns and put you at ease about scheduling an appointment for pelvic floor PT.  You can reach our Brookside location at 816.569.2802 or our Overland Park location at 913.498.8492


Dry Needling

We are happy to offer Dry Needling as an option for treatment from musculoskeletal and nerve pain. This is a very successful treatment for persistent pain, and can be cost effective and speed up recovery.  Check out our Dry Needling page for more information:

Community Education

Turning Point Online Pelvic Health
New Birth Company Pregnancy and Post Partum 


Foundational Concepts is Growing!

Foundational Concepts is expanding: on November 1, 2022 we will open our third clinic! There have been many physicians, providers and patients asking for a clinic in the northland and…

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