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Why Do I Leak with Exercise?

I decided to re-visit a topic that we have talked about before, primarily because I seem to have had several people ask me recently, “Why do I leak when I…

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Listen Up Ladies!

With posting the Cross Fit info recently, I had a few friends mention they read up on it.  They also said “I really did not realize what you do” and…

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Just Breathe

My mother used to always say “Take a Deep Breath” when I was angry at my sister, or upset about something as a child.   I never realized how very…

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Understanding Painful Intercourse

To continue on our previous topic of pelvic pain, I wanted to cover a topic that affects many women  but one that is often ignored or mis-treated.  Painful Intercourse or…

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Vulvo-Vaginal Hygiene

Just sharing a great post from Every wonder really how you should clean your vajayjay?  Or if the things mom told you were dead wrong (or, maybe she was…

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What is Pelvic Pain?

Our Family had dinner over the weekend with several other families. One of the guys asked how my new business was going. As I was discussing this and mentioned our…

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