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The Pelvic PT World Network

The Pelvic PT World Network

I recently returned from the last course in the ISM series with Diane Lee and I want to reflect on something that may be less tangible than education, but that is equally as important.  The network of personal and professional relationships that occur at these courses in invaluable. The brilliant and motivating providers and researchers that I have met is ever-changing – I have never taken a series of courses in which the same 18 people are at each course.  At this particular course it was such a special experience to get to know all of the women from around the world who came together to learn.

Our Network Expands Our Horizons

As I learned with the network of women at Diane’s course, I gained the knowledge that was presented but I also learned how the other clinicians treated, thought about patients, and problem solved in the clinic. What a gift!  As I have progressed through my career, I have found time and again that I want and need to be surrounded by clinicians who will challenge me.  This can be in the clinic, a mentor, clinicians that I meet at courses or through professional organizations.  We grow through the people that we are surrounded by.

I now have more clinicians and researchers in my network that I can reach out to when I need help with a patient, when I need to refer a patient who is moving, or when I am searching for the latest research.  Through this series, I have added people to my network from Australia, the U.K., Sweden and all over Canada and the US.

Our Network Challenges Us!


As medical professionals our network challenges us to take better quality courses, to grow and expand our levels of knowledge and it challenges us to think outside our little box for problem solving and treatment techniques.

As I synthesize all of the knowledge that I have been presented with in the past 9 months, I will continue to rely on my network to learn how to use this information in the clinic and how to share it with the other therapists at Foundational Concepts.  This will continue to help our clinic grow to meet our patients’ needs and to push all of our therapists to take challenging courses that expand our networks and horizons.

I have gained so much over the past 9 months with new hands on techniques, research and theory. I’ve also learned how to integrate all of that knowledge. My hands can feel so much more than when I started this journey! I look forward to telling our readers all about it in a future post.

Jennifer Cumming PT, MSPT, CLT, WCS


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