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Csection Recovery

C-Section Recovery

Thirty percent of all childbirths are performed via cesarean section. A c-section requires multiple layers to be cut through and stitched back together. Skin, then fat, then fascia, then muscles, the peritoneum, more fascia holding your organs in place and finally…

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Bless You!

Many women struggle with leaking urine with sneezing, coughing, laughing etc.…  Often this occurs after we have had babies, but it can happen if you haven’t had children too.  By design, our pelvis has a vagina, leaving a structural weakness. …

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The Positivity Project

Did you know that your mindset can really impact your physical function?  Research shows that when we are in a more positive mindset we feel less pain, less fatigue, stay more active and heal faster. Positivity can impact everyone -…

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