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Managing Chronic Pelvic Pain Part 2: What now?

So last week we touched the surface of why pelvic pain persists, how the brain is involved and what factors might be contributing to the persistence of pelvic pain.  And after reading you maybe saying “ok great, good to know…

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Give Thanks, for the health of it!

Gratitude.  We see it everywhere, especially this time of year. We hear it often, but do we really understand the power of giving thanks?  There is quite a bit of research with regards to gratitude and the powerful impact it…

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Your Guide to a Stress Free Holiday Season

Does such a thing even exist?! I’d like to hope so! Whether you’re staying home in Kansas City or traveling for the holidays, here are some tips for holiday stress management. 1) Belly breathe As much as we love seeing…

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Common Questions regarding Persistent Pain

Second blog on persistent pelvic pain, discussing some common questions to consider and where to begin in understanding your nervous system and lifestlye factors to help you heal.
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Unraveling Persistent Pain: Understanding the Brain’s role

Your Nervous System, the body's alarm system The human body contains over 400 nerves. 45 miles of nerves travel and connect all body parts like a highway. These nerves have electrical activity traveling through them. The electrical activity goes up…

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