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Healing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

I’m actually grateful that my physical state got to the point that I had to seek out Foundational Concepts. Because of what they’ve taught me in just a few sessions, my body will be happier with me for the rest of my life. I had hopes that pelvic floor PT would solve my pelvic floor issue. But I had no idea finding Foundational Concepts would also solve my recurring low back and SI joint pain!

I’ve known that my pelvis is out of alignment for 20 years. I’m a Pilates teacher, I know the importance of good body alignment. And I could get myself into alignment but I couldn’t make it “stick”. For 20 years I’ve mentioned my pelvic rotation to every chiropractor, doctor, osteopath, personal trainer and Pilates teacher that I’ve seen for my recurring low back pain. They all discounted it as a source of my pain, and no one could offer me a fix. So I came to think this was simply how I was put together and there was nothing to be done about it, except to regularly seek treatment from my bodyworker for some temporarily relief.

Then I met Sarah Dominguez at Foundational Concepts. She taught me how to align myself with an exercise that takes all of about 30 seconds. It still slips back into its habitual spot sometimes, it’s lived there for more than 20 years it’ll take some time to get it used to being in a new place. But thanks to Sarah’s guidance in how not only to reset my pelvis, but to train my muscles to keep it there, I no longer have to try to will it into position. The evidence is pretty clear from where I sit (with my aligned pelvis)… she’s a genius.

Sarah Dominguez is one of the finest caregivers, of any type, that I’ve ever encountered, and her whole practice is fantastic. Very highly recommended!

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