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Make the Call!

Unbelievable!! I’ll never be able to explain the amount of pain, chronic pain I’ve been battling soon to be two years. Every doctor in the area trying, failing, or turning me away. I pretty much was living at the ER until a doctor recommended Sarah at Foundational Concepts. Everything I didn’t believe in like the mind and body are truly connected. That my pain was real. Yes, you read that right. My pain is real! For two years everyone told me even from the ER that this was not real, and that this was a mental issue. To seek mental health. Foundational Concepts, Sarah and everyone there for the first time ever took the time to hear my horrific journey and acknowledged that my pain was real! I wasn’t crazy!

Sarah is magical. I can’t explain everything she’s done and shown me. Patience, HUGE!! No matter what kind of condition I’m in that day, Sarah embraces me entirely. I’m not just a patient. You see it in her eyes, her taking everything you’re explaining and experiencing in. Never, not ever once discrediting anything I had to say. How I felt, thought, whatever it was, Sarah embraced it all and supported me. She has given me tools to help battle my pain and the magical part is her ability to nail exactly where the pain is coming from. Like I said magical. I still am in awe. She’s constantly working and creating a plan personally suited for me and the end result, goal is for me to be pain free.

No one has done or given me any kind of hope in the medical world other than Sarah and her team at Foundational Concepts. Don’t be hesitant like I was. You’re wasting even more precious time. If you’re battling some sort of pain or chronic pain like me, please make an appointment. A simple consultation can’t hurt. You’re already hurting, so why not give them a chance. You will not regret it. I thank the Lord for sending Sarah and her crew to help me. I’m beyond blessed. Make the call.

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