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Sarah and I have been working together for several weeks.  My pelvic pain is related to scar tissue from surgery, poor body mechanics (carrying a grandchild on my hip), weak glutes, hip flexors that weren’t working correctly and a weak core.  I’m learning to stabilize my pelvis, strengthen my glutes, retrain my muscles and to relieve a sudden attack (internal cramping) on my own.  Sarah, through internal manipulation, is releasing some scar tissue and helping to desensitize sore tendons, ligaments and internal muscles. It’s educating to realize that hips, back, glutes, quads, abs and diaphragm all work together.  When one body part (even very small ones) get either out of alignment or injured, there is a domino effect.  Likewise, soothing one area can carry over to other areas and all is relieved. Stress, which tends to tighten up all of my muscles, is also a factor.  This is a specialty physical therapy and focused.

The results have been remarkable. I went in with pain and am now, pain free. I’m on, what I call, a maintenance routine. I can set an appointment when I feel I need one, just to check out my body and fine tune the manipulations and strengthening exercises. I want to maintain what we’ve accomplished.  I appreciate the sensitivity, kindness, knowledge and smile that Sarah brings to our sessions. She has a very professional manner and is easy to talk to. There isn’t anything that cannot be discussed. I find it truly amazing that many physicians don’t know about pelvic pain physical therapy.  It was my inquisitiveness, reading and searching on the internet that I found help and relief from pain.

– Janet S.
Merriam, KS

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