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The Positivity Project

Did you know that your mindset can really impact your physical function?  Research shows that when we are in a more positive mindset we feel less pain, less fatigue, stay more active and heal faster.

Positivity can impact everyone – the person who practices it, those they are surrounded by and even strangers.
We wanted to share this tool to help impact our world, to make it a better place to be.  Imagine if we all share this post, how many we could reach and how much positivity we could spread.  Bring the Positivity!

Here is how to work toward positivity on a daily basis:

1 – Write down something you are grateful for

2 – Write down three good things that happened today

3 – Perform 3 acts of kindness: –  For yourself –  For a loved one
–  For a stranger

This can be in a journal or on small sheets of paper that are placed in a jar or container.  At the end of the week read them back and benefit from the good juju more than just once!
This is a great family project as well.  Teaching kiddos at a young age how to be mindful of a positive outlook can help them cope as they get older.


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