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No Drugs, No Surgery…Pain-Free

“I met Jenn and Sarah in 2011 after almost a year of searching for the cause of my pelvic pain. The pain had become so severe it was disrupting both my work and home life, and had left me very frustrated because no doctor seemed to have an idea what was going on. It was very embarrassing, because it’s not something men like to talk about…to anyone.

“Thanks to the caring treatment given to me by both Jenn and Sarah, I am now able to function almost pain-free in my daily life, as long as I follow the guidance they gave me for self-care. They treated my condition respectfully, thoughtfully and professionally, and gave me the tools to manage my condition for the rest of my life. No drugs, no surgery…and no more ‘not knowing.’ I highly recommend their services to anyone who is suffering from chronic pelvic pain of any type!”

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