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Superior Quality Care

“Jennifer Cumming is the consummate professional, and is extremely knowledgeable in the physical therapy field, especially pelvic floor physical therapy. I find the office environment at Foundational Concepts to be inviting, and non-stressful. Jennifer has created a complete orthopedic wellness plan following surgery that has made an outstanding difference in my quality of life. Office visits, at-home therapeutic exercise plans, stabilization and sound advice on living well with a disability.

“Jennifer and her colleagues at Foundational Concepts are extremely compassionate and are superior quality care providers. I recommend their services to all who ask about my experiences following orthopedic surgery. Foundational Concepts is also exceptional in their efforts to coordinate care with my entire medical team in other specialties (traditional and holistic). The physical therapy and emotional support I found through Jennifer Cumming at Foundational Concepts truly changed my life for the better.”

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