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Healthy Aging Month – September 2017

Healthy Aging ® Magazine began September is Healthy Aging® Month over 20 years ago to encourage readers 45 and older to examine their health. Their magazine and website provide tips for health such as work out ideas, recipes and vacation suggestions.  It also provides tips about things we may overlook such as work, budgeting, and beauty routines. There is an abundance of articles covering all of these topics and many more. After browsing, I truly believe there is something for everyone. If you’re interested in any of these articles you can visit their website (

Healthy Aging Can Be Many Different Things

“Healthy aging” can mean something different to everyone. For me personally, as I age I hope to have health both physically and mentally. I try to eat a balanced diet, get plenty of activity and listen to my body. I try to take care of my mental health by meditating and doing things I enjoy. Spending time with my friends and family (including my dogs! ☺), reading, or planning something fun are all items on my list.

What Does Healthy Aging Mean to You?

Health can mean something entirely different to you than it does to me. As you’ve been thinking about “healthy aging” while reading, have you considered how your pelvic health plays into your overall health? As we age, our body goes through many changes. These changes could be affecting your pelvic floor. If you have changes affecting you concerning bowel or bladder function, sexual health or pain, a pelvic floor physical therapist can help!
During September, I want you to consider your overall health and try to dedicate time to becoming a healthier version of yourself. Whether that’s going on a longer walk each day, adding meditation to your routine, or checking in with a pelvic floor physical therapist. Small, positive changes can end up making a big impact on your overall health.
Jessie McGown, PT, DPT
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