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Celebrating 10 years!!!

10 years ago this month we opened Foundational Concepts.  It felt like a huge risk, it was scary, but it was something that we felt very passionate about.  Our mission was this:

To provide comprehensive, evidence based specialty physical therapy services to treat pelvic floor dysfunction. To offer a healing environment, and an integrative practice which restores function by considering the whole person. To share our knowledge and expertise with the community and healthcare providers so that more people find answers to their pelvic dysfunction.

We are humbled by how this business has grown, in a stable and consistent way and how many people in the region we have touched.  We are life long learners and committed to being intellectually humble, so as to continue to learn and grow in our profession, but also as humans.  We work to be mindful of our clients’ experience and past trauma, and to make sure our employees also have a healthy work-life balance and rewarding work environment. We will continue this mission,  contributing to our profession through teaching, building awareness and care in our community by sharing our knowledge, and keeping an open mind and heart as we grow and learn. And the journey of the next 10 years will  be a fulfilling and collaborative effort to persist in our mission and provide the very best care to the people who come through our doors.

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