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A little Friday morning Good JuJu

I go in early on Fridays.  I left my house earlier today so that I could do a good deed for myself and stop at my favorite little coffee shop, Hi Hat Coffee.  A mom and her two daughters walked in just ahead of me.  As this little place is tiny, we were all standing within 2 feet of one another. It was clear they were headed off to college.  I was in no hurry, so I stood listening, taking in what it would be like as the mom, taking my girls to school.  I was here for me, my intent was to treat myself to part of an activity that helps us have a more positive vibe in our lives: 3 acts of kindness daily, one for yourself, a loved one and a stranger.  That awesome mama bought my coffee!  What an amazing start to my Friday!  Thanks to the stranger who passed along a random act of kindness…maybe she was working on her own positivity movement!  I will try and pay it forward today!  Keep KC Positive!  I love this city. –Sarah Dominguez, PT, MSPT, WCS

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